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Wholesale 21: variety of dress designs

Hello dear!
Today I'm going to talk a little about Wholesale 21 and the different dresses you can find there.

Wholesale 21 is a store that sells women's clothing wholesale to several countries around the world. They have a wide variety of clothes and they wear different sizes. A great tip for anyone looking for different clothes at a good price. Also great for those people who think about reselling and making extra money.

Today I'm going to show you and give you some fashion tips on how to wear women dresses. I decided to choose 6 models that caught my attention to talk a little about how to use them.

I should start by saying that dresses are that kind of piece that is much easier to wear, since they basically form the complete look. I think they are the best option when we are without much inspiration and at the same time they make women look beautiful. They can be used in different situations and in any climate, we just need to choose the accessories correctly.

Let's go my picks!

Let's start with these more casual dresses. I'm not one to wear long dresses, but these two really caught my attention. The first has an interesting cutout on the top and gives the feeling that there are two pieces (a top and a skirt). I think this is a nice and cool dress for sunny days. With a flat sandal and a hat it looks great for a walk, and with heels it can even be a look for a wedding that takes place in the morning. In other words, a versatile dress. The second gave me a feeling of being quite comfortable. I would wear it to work or for a more informal outing. I like this really big animal print print because it doesn't look sexy at all, it gives the piece an informality. I think it can be paired with flat sandals or, for the more fashion-forward ones, it can be paired with sneakers.

Here we have a more casual dress and a more elegant one. The first dress is in this beautiful green color, and I don't like green. It is super casual and is a good choice for cold days because of its fabric. For a sexier look I would wear black tights and knee high heeled boots. For a casual and comfortable look, I would stick with tights, but I would wear boots or sneakers. This second dress is super trendy and I thought this color was super pretty, it looks like a champagne color. This is a dress that deserves a nice heel and a small bag, or a clutch. For the more daring, it's worth combining with white sneakers. And I think it's worth wearing some delicate jewelry to complete the look.

And to top it all off, we have two incredible dresses to wear to evening parties. Both are very sexy dresses. The first one is even a little basic, but great to use in the club. It is short in length and has long sleeves, but it is all glued to the body. I like this cutout on the shoulder with this chain detail (super cute). It's a dress that would look great both with heels and stylish sneakers, but a boot would also go super well (especially one with a pointed toe and stiletto heels). The second dress I would say is the best for a very formal party, like an evening wedding. I like that off-the-shoulder neckline and the slit of the dress. He is ideal for anyone who wants to shine. I recommend wearing it with heeled sandals. I find it interesting to complete it with a delicate cord and a very pretty earring.

To buy these dresses and other pieces in china wholesale, just click on the links available in this post.

Which dress was your favourite? Tell me in the comments!

Kisses ;*

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  1. Me gustan los vestidos negros. Te mando un beso.

  2. Amei ver os modelos de vestido, são lindos os que mais gostei foram os primeiros bem felizes.
    Uma variedade grande de modelos.

  3. eu amei os dois primeiros modelos de vestidos, arrasadores

    A mina de fé

  4. Não uso mas...gostei de ver
    Uma semana feliz. Cumprimentos poéticos.
    Pensamentos e Devaneios Poéticos

  5. Vestidos belíssimos, achei muito chiques ♥

  6. Vestidos lindos e incríveis! Adorei!

    Boa semana!

    O JOVEM JORNALISTA está no ar com muitos posts interessantes. Não deixe de conferir!

    Jovem Jornalista

    Até mais, Emerson Garcia

  7. Cada vestido mais lindo que o outro, amei todos!