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Dear Lover: blouses for all styles

Hello dear!
Today I'm going to talk a little about Dear Lover and the beautiful blouses you can find there.

Dear Lover is a high quality women's clothing wholesale store with affordable pieces. The store is great for those people who want to open their own business and need a supplier, or even those who want to renew their entire wardrobe on a budget. The clothes are perfect for all women who love to follow the latest fashion trends. The store has a wide range of products, fast delivery worldwide, affordable prices, discounts on high volume orders, 24/7 customer service and much more. All this to offer the best for you!

Now let's talk about cheap womens blouses! I chose to choose 4 pieces and talk a little bit about how to assemble looks with them. Come with me!

The first blouse chosen has a romantic touch because of the polka dot print and the tulle. I recommend pairing this blouse with jeans and sneakers. It's also nice to get a smaller, more delicate bag. Another important tip is to invest in accessories, especially hair. I recommend a delicate bow or bow. The second blouse chosen has a more elegant look because of its fabric and cut. I recommend pairing it with skinny jeans or tailored pants. On the feet it is worth investing in a heeled sandal with thinner straps. The bag can be a clutch and the accessories in golden color.

This third blouse has a more modern appeal because of the checkered print, but we can say that it is a rocker style. I confess that this is my favorite blouse and it is more my style. It can be combined with a plain black or white blouse, and also with shorts or jeans. I like to wear boots or sneakers on my feet, because I think it looks very stylish. I recommend silver accessories in this combination. The fourth blouse is more casual. It is also an easy blouse for me to wear, as it is comfortable and stylish. I like to combine it with jeans or a sweatshirt. On my feet I would wear white sneakers. I wouldn't use many accessories because the proposal is to be comfortable.

All these wholesale womens shirts can be yours. Can you imagine wearing a new style every day? Too much right? It even makes you want to renew your entire wardrobe, as blouses are always welcome.

What did you think of this store? Leave your comment!

Kisses ;*

*This post is a publipost of Dear Lover.

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  1. Me gusta la verde y la gris. Te mando un beso

  2. Young, elegant clothes, what a compliment
    Poetic greetings.
    Poetic Thoughts and Daydreams

  3. Que blusas lindas, eu amo os modelos 1 e 2, são ótimas para ambos os climas

  4. Hey!
    Eu adoro ver peças diferentes, ainda mais no fashion internacional ahahaha
    amei a blusinha verde, bem romântica mesmo!


  5. Que blusas mais incríveis dessa loja.
    Big Beijos,