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DuraFits: plus size shapewear for women

Hello dear!
Today I'm going to talk a little about DuraFits.

DuraFits is a company specialized in shapewear. The company's objective is to offer comfortable and cozy products for our bodies. The products also feature high quality and breathable fabric that makes DuraFits the store that has the best shapewear for women. Despite being products for styling the body, they are still comfortable. The company's proposal is that women can use the pieces to enhance their beauty and at the same time be comfortable in everyday tasks. With all these qualities DuraFits hopes that with light and comfortable fabrics women will have a great experience with their products.

After this presentation I imagine you are curious to know some of the pieces in the store. I chose to show plus size models today. So let's go to my selection!

The first models chosen have a sexier style. I chose both to show you that plus size shapewear can look pretty. On te you can also find it in beige, which is ideal to wear with lighter colored clothes. The first model wears the entire body and is known as a bodysuit. I think it's a good option to use with dresses. The second model is like a high-waisted short mixed with shapewear. This second model can be used with different types of clothing. I would only avoid very short shorts and skirts.

These other chosen models have a more basic style, for those who don't want to dare too much. They are as comfortable as the previous model. You can find it in different sizes and also in black. The first shapewear is in a body model that fits the entire body. This is another model that looks great to wear with shorter dresses. The second model is like a basic hot pant. It is very good to use with any model of clothes. It has a clip to attach to the bra of your choice. They are great models for you who are starting in this world of shapewear.

I know you were delighted with the pieces I showed you. On the website you will find these and other models and you will be able to choose the one that has the most to do with your routine.

What did you think of this store? Leave your comment!

Kisses ;*

*This post is a publipost of DuraFits.

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  1. Nossa que artigo fantástico, por isso que estou quase todos os dias visitando e lendo seus artigos. Sempre tem conteúdos interessantes e de qualidade.

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  3. Não conhecia o site.
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  4. Essas cintas parecem ótimas! :)

  5. Oi Thais, nunca usei cintas modeladoras, mas essa do post parecem ter muita qualidade, além de serem lindas. Beijos :*

    Não Me Mande Flores