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Waistdear: shapewears of all kinds

Hello dear!
Today I'm going to talk a little about Waistdear.

Waistdear is a shapewear wholesale store in China that has been operating in the market since 2011. The brand operates in several countries around the world and has a lot of market experience. All production is concentrated in their company for a quality product and they have the best professionals in the market. They focus on making shapewear and yoga wear.

The prices of the pieces are very attractive and the store accepts several types of payment. It is a good tip for those who want to buy parts for resale.

After this presentation I imagine you are curious to know some of the pieces in the store. So let's go to my selection!

I chose to choose the full body shaper in two different models. In general these types of shapers are great because they shape the entire body, not just a specific part. I think this model is good to use with any type of clothing. The first is more basic and ideal for everyday use. The second is a lace model that is ideal for wearing on special occasions, because you keep the curves in place and still wear a beautiful piece.

These two other models are known as the butt lifting shapewear and as the name implies, it serves to make the butt pert and shaped. The first model has length to the waist, that is, in addition to leaving the butt raised, it also shapes the waist. The second model looks like a panty and I think it's pretty and basic. For those who just want to lift their butt and not other parts of their body, this is a good tip. Both are great to wear with any type of outfit.

I know you were delighted with the pieces I showed you. No site choose these and other models and choose who else has to do with your style and your need.

What did you think of this store? Leave your comment!

Kisses ;*

*This post is a publipost of Waistdear.

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