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Wayrates: warm and stylish jackets

Hello dear!
Today I will share with you a little about the Wayrates store. 

"Wayrates is your global online store, providing you with the latest fashion training clothes! They offer you pants, tops, coats, accessories. Everything is designed for men! They value all our customers: Their professional customer service team is always ready to help you. Your satisfaction is our top priority! Moreover, you can easily get your order anywhere in the world thanks to their worldwide shipping service! Enjoy your shopping!"

Mens tactical clothing is aimed at those who are adventurous, as they have tear resistance, protection against cold and humidity. That's why it's important to use them when practicing outside activities. But they can also be used on other occasions as there are very stylish models. And today I came to show you some models that, in addition to having the features that adventurers love, will also make you stylish. There's nothing better than combining quality and beauty, isn't it?

The jacket models above are the models I chose to put together more tidy looks. I would recommend these models to use in the city, to compose a tactical and stylish look. The first jacket I would recommend for colder places and even for wearing in the snow. This jacket has a plush stitching on the inside that makes it very warm. And these two fabrics make the jacket sturdier too. The second jacket already makes up a more laid-back look. I wouldn't recommend it for such cold places, but I imagine it's warm too. This terracotta color is very nice combined with a white dress shirt as in the photo.

These two mens tactical jackets above I chose thinking of people who like to ride a motorcycle. They are especially for this type of sport as they have wind protection, in addition to bringing extra protection if you happen to fall. They are also stylish and very beautiful, and I say that they can be used on other occasions as well. My first choice was this model that is very reminiscent of those worn by professionals. It reminds me a lot of the jackets worn by people who race motorcycles. A very beautiful and different model. The second has a more military feel and has a beautiful color. It is also suitable for extreme sports practitioners. I think this model is beautiful to compose other types of looks. I imagine it also protects very well from the cold and other things.

To see more clothing models visit Wayrates.

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  1. Oi Thais,
    Amei a indicação, meu marido pilota moto e o clima aqui onde moramos é bem frio, então essa dica veio em boa hora.
    Beijo, Blog Apenas Leite e Pimenta ♥

  2. Oi Thais que lindas jaquetas, bem estilosas!
    Gostei de conhecer a loja!

  3. Jaquetas lindas!
    Ótimas opções para os homens e também para presentear! :)