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Word Makeup: cute makeup products

Hello dear!
Today I'm going to talk a little more about makeup here on the blog by invitation from the Word Makeup store.

The topic of today is cute makeup products. There is that saying: "don't judge the product by its packaging", but I confess that products with fluffy packaging seem much more interesting to me. Makeup products don't have to be boring, in fact I think that when they are fun they stimulate our creativity even more to create and be more daring in the productions. Wholesale makeup is a way to acquire different products for a better price. For those who want quality and the lowest price, this is my tip today to start your collection of cute and fun makeups.

The products I chose to indicate above are from a brand that always has creative products with cute packaging: Benefit. I advance that buying these products at wholesale cosmetics they come out for a much better price. And this form of discount on purchases of many products is available at the Word Makeup store. Let's go to the products now!

The first product is a body illuminator. It is a product that leaves the skin with an incredible appearance and is beautiful to use on exposed parts of the body. It leaves a very beautiful and natural glow, it also helps disguises skin imperfections. The second product is an eyebrow mask. It is great for making eyebrows more drawn and filled quickly and easily. The third product is an eyelash mask that leaves a beautiful effect and highlights them. The last product helps to shrink pores. It is recommended to use it before the foundation to help with fixation and give a better finish.

To see more makeups visit Word Makeup.


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  1. Quantas maquiagens maravilhosas! Amei a dica!
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  2. Amei a dica. Eu gosto muito dessas lojas com maquiagens com embalagens mais fofas, dá mais vontade de comprar

  3. Amei as embalagens fofas.
    Gostei da indicação da loja.

  4. Que produtos incríveis. Quero dar uma fuçada nessa loja.

    Big Beijos

  5. Eu gosto muito dessa loja

  6. Eu tenho vontade de testar esse último para os poros.
    Adoro a loja tenho umas makes de lá.

  7. Muitas makes lindas, que demais!!! :)

  8. Looks like you got some nice makeup to try from this store! thanks for sharing!

    Hope you had a great weekend :) We managed to enjoy some time outdoors despite the colder than usual spring weather!

    Away From The Blue